Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tuesink's Farm

I have been wanting to go to Tuesink's Farm for the past few weeks, and tonight we finally had a free night to go and venture out there. I knew Lily would love it, as she is very into farm animals right now...and here are some pictures to prove it.
Don't mind her face in some of these pictures, she fell today while playing inside and got a good scratch down the left side of her face...oppsy!

Daddy teaching her how to feed the sheep and goats...a little unsure at first, but that didn't last too long!

This girl loves her ducks...

Trying out the ponies...not so sure about them.

Taking a hayride with bunnies. You kept trying to pick them up all by yourself :) They were so cute...i loved them!

A few more pictures with the goats/sheep...your favorite part of the whole night!

We had a great night!

Monday, August 16, 2010

corn on the cob...

Although Lily only has two of her bottom middle teeth and 4 on the top in the middle she can still master the corn on the cob. She loves to eat it...she think's it's the greatest thing ever!

she is saying "cheese" hehehe :)

isn't she the cutest thing ever?! :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

It has been AWHILE! :)

Well can i use the excuss that our labtop was broken and getting fixed for 3 weeks?! I have been bad at keeping up this blog this summer....i guess i got caught up in finishing up the school year, and now spending my days with my girl. I am not even going to try to play catch up....i'll just post some pictures of the fun we have had so far this summer! :) Lily is quite a little character these days. She is sweet as ever, but also definatly knows what she wants. She is starting to talk more and more, and i see these little signs of a "big girl" and not a baby anymore. This makes me a bit sad, but she is my love no matter how big she gets!

Yummy! I LOVE popcicles! However we have now switches to "ice-pops" these are much cleaner :)

Going for a walk at the beach. Daddy doesn't like to go to the beach so we don't go often :(

Sprinkler Fun! :)

"Ride?" that is what you say every time we are (and ella!) LOVE to go for rides on the golf cart!

We have spent many of our weekends up at Grandma and Grandpa's cottage on Big Star Lake. You LOVE to be there...playing in the water, in the sand, going on boat rides, playing on the slide...but most of all you love to play with your cousin Ella while we are there. :)

A few weeks back we went camping at Wolf Lake in Muskegon with our friends. we had a great time and all the little kids did great!

Lily just taking drink break!

some of the moms and the kiddos...

Playing at the beach!

I put Lily down for a nap one day and found her peeking at me :) that little stinker figured out how to move the curtins! Needless to say i had to more her pack n' play afer that :)


That is a snip=it of what we have been up to...i will try to keep up with this better!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Tulip Time 2010

This Tulip Time has been a bit more "busy" than it was last year.

Last year, lily sat so nicely and would sleep through the parades...

This year, she is a walkin', movin' girl who does NOT want to sit!

We went to the Wednesday parade with friend, and then on Thursday we sat with my family. I am skipping the Saturday parade, because the weather is going to be yucky, but also because it is more work than fun to take her to the parades this year. She gets mad that i won't let her walk down with road with the "parade people". So, hopefully next year the parades will capture her attention a bit more :) On Wednesday night we went out for dinner with Brad, Jill, and cousin Ella. After dinner we headed down to the park to take some pictures. Neither Ella or Lily wanted to sit still, so the pictures are VERY limited of them, but oh well :)

Can you tell that she doesn't like to "sit"...she was less than pleased that i grabbed her to try to take a picture :)

Because i love to "look back": here is Lily this year

And here she was last year :) oh how time flies!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lily's 1 year pictures

Last week i hosted a Picture Party with Christy Pacanowski. My job was to find people to come! I assigned people a 15 minutes photo shoot with her, made sure they knew all the info, helped Christy on the day of, and from here i will collect their money, and deliver their pictuers when they are ready. We had to cancle our first assigned day because of the weather, but to be honest i think the day we ended up having out pictures on was PERFECT! I know i had a great time, the pictures are WONDERFUL as always, and i give many many many thanks to Christy :)
Here are a few to peak at. If you want to see the rest of our families you can go to her website..... and the password is wiersema.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New shoes and the park...

A few weeks back i was at Target and i spotted these tennis shoes for Lily. I showed them to her and tried them on, and she seemed very pleased with herself! :) She seems to think that she is very cool when she wears them, so that night we thought we could go to the park (The Groove) and play for awhile. Here are some pictures of our park fun.

Her new shoes...aren't they so cute?!

Walking to the swings with daddy...

Time to play on the swings! this is by far her favorite part of going to the park to play!

A quick picture with mom...this is a rare thing, as i am the one always taking the pictures!

Time to go home...we will come back a different day!